1系铝卷 1

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1) 铝含星卯%以上,具有优良成型性; 2) 反射率较萵; 3) 性能稳定,可进行表面阳极氧化; 


1)普通炊具,后期工 艺:打磨、喷砂等;挤压锅盖;铝壶; 2) 灯具配件:灯罩等用千下照灯、层板灯及街灯; ;3)指示标牌及建筑材料:交通路牌、幕墙、天花

Material characteristics: 1) aluminum contains more than% of star Mao, with excellent formability; 2) reflectivity is higher than lettuce; 3) performance is stable, surface anodizing can be carried out; scope of application: 1) common cooking utensils, later process: grinding, sandblasting, etc.; extrusion pot cover; aluminum pot; 2) lighting accessories: thousands of downlights, laminate lights and street lights for lampshades; 3) indicator signs and building materials: traffic signs, curtain walls smallpox

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